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Ensure Compliance with SB 553: Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Protect your business operations and employees with a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) in line with California Senate Bill (SB) 553. Our program includes training, assessments, and the development of a WVPP tailored to your organization’s needs.


Why SB 553 Matters

SB 553 mandates that every employer in California implements a robust workplace violence prevention plan due to increasing incidents of violence statewide. CA OSHA is empowered to enforce WVPP requirements through citations and notices.

Components of the Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP)

Employee Involvement: Procedures for engaging employees and authorized representatives in developing and implementing the Plan, including active participation in hazard

identification, evaluation, and correction.

Plan Coordination: Methods for ensuring Plan implementation across all departments.

Emergency Response: Protocols for responding to actual or potential workplace violence emergencies, including incident response and investigation procedures.

Tailored Training: Customized training aligned with your organization’s culture and processes. Our training prepares employers to respond to workplace violence incidents and educates employees on recognizing and preventing such incidents.


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