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Risks are inherent in any system, but do you understand them? AeroShieldUSA experts assist you in identifying your vulnerabilities, devising detailed solutions, and bringing them to fruition.


AeroShieldUSA Risk Management

Insightful Observation, Precise Recommendations

Taking a critical look at your organization's security, especially after a breakdown, isn't easy. However, savvy executives understand that flaws must be identified and addressed to prevent future disasters.

AeroShieldUSA deploys a team of experts and analysts to examine both your physical and electronic systems for structural and procedural weaknesses. Your investment provides you with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and a blueprint for enhancing your integrity.

Objective Security Experts, Not Security System Vendors.
A Comprehensive Security Analysis.
Realistic, Cost-Effective, and Common-Sense Recommendations.
Clear, Professional Reports to Facilitate Action.

How We Help You Control Risk:

AeroShieldUSA offers services to confront and control your risks.

Vulnerability Analysis:

AeroShieldUSA experts evaluate every aspect of your environment, from the front door to the back, and design solutions to protect you and your assets.

Emergency Planning, Integration, and Training:

AeroShieldUSA ensures that your emergency protocols are tailored to your needs, synchronized with first responders, and understood by your staff.

Security Policy and Procedure Development:

AeroShieldUSA develops and documents the specifics of your daily security operations, ensuring consistent procedures for your staff throughout the year.

Cameras and Security Equipment:

As impartial experts, AeroShieldUSA provides “state-of-the-need” recommendations with a focus on cost and benefit. We ensure that your systems are appropriately designed to deter threats and gather intelligence on a stable and user-friendly platform.

Remote Video Surveillance:

Gain visibility in previously inaccessible, impractical, or cost-prohibitive areas. AeroShieldUSA Security offers LiveView, a straightforward, plug-and-play remote video camera system that streams 24/7 live video and data from even the most remote locations, without the need for power or an internet connection.

IT Forensics and Security:

AeroShieldUSA experts delve into your system to identify breaches and recover clues. Our analysts provide insight into the best cybersecurity practices to prevent future complications.

Commitment-Based Security Training:

A comprehensive safety and security program is only effective when stakeholders are empowered to protect themselves. AeroShieldUSA’s proprietary commitment-based approach is delivered to your team through direct and customizable training modules.

Executive Protection/Personnel Security:

AeroShieldUSA offers trained and certified uniformed and plainclothes security officers to protect corporate executives, celebrities, and other individuals requiring protection.


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