Security Capabilities


security officers

  • armed and unarmed guards

  • uniform and plain clothes

  • surveillance & patrol

  • Off-Duty Law Enforcement

  • U.S. Veterans

  • career security agents

direct experience

  • aerospace manufacturers

  • corporate offices

  • Executive protection

  • places of worship

  • private schools

  • warehouses

key services

  • armed security officers

  • local armed courier svc.

  • local armed driver svc.

  • training facilities

  • secure warehousing

  • remote office services



aeroshield covers the entire state of illinois. additionally, we are used to help facilitate out-of-state and foreign security missions in a variety of roles including due diligence background investigations and interested parties intel.


Subcontracting work to Aeroshield is a great experience!


customer service

customer service is not a line level function at aeroshield, but an executive function. the customer service day to day operation is owned and managed by the executive vice president. you are empowered to deal with a decision-maker, parties that are held accountable to the highest level of the corporate chain, and you are working with a service team that has the authorization to continually improve processes and policies to better our performance, quality, and delivery.


easy to work with

aeroshield is a subcontractor and as such, we accept the role of supporting you. given your requirements, standards, and preferences, we will establish processes to meet them. if you find it convenient, we do have secured online client portals where you can process, monitor, and manage the work you assign to aeroshield. it is easy to use and typically our clients can process new assignments in less than 45 seconds. if convenient for you, given authorized access, we are happy to work directly out of your system.


quality controls

aeroshield has established quality controls to ensure peak performance, quality workmanship, and on-time delivery. through continuous improvement efforts, aeroshield is consistently increasing productivity and empowering our primes with competitive pricing and lead times.