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Engineering meets Investigations & Security
Sooner or later you will realize that Aeroshield was once the SIU division of a larger agency dating back to 2006. The director of operations for this division had intimate knowledge of intelligence, security, and investigations in aviation because he had spearheaded the FAA screening audits on behalf of three of the largest airlines in 2000. During this time, 30 miles away, were two quality engineers working with aerospace manufacturers responsible for managing compliance with AS9100 standards, ITAR, and defense contracts. The director was hired to work with these quality engineers on a defense project for the U.S. Military from 2006-2009, they became friends, and decided to take investigations and intelligence into an entirely different space, aerospace. It took years of development, but as you can imagine, once we spread our wings, customers took notice. We are growing at ridiculous numbers and that is because we are committed, intelligent, and transparent in the way we do business.
By the numbers, our diversity shows longevity
Armed Security & Protection 20%

QAR Rep 16%

Investigations & Intelligence 20%

Contract Compliance 8%

Court Records Research 20%

Subcontract Work 16%

think “prepared”

Aeroshield USA Practice
Our Risk Mitigation Unit “RMU” handle all matters dealing with the development of measures to prevent and minimize human and financial loss. This could include armed security, due diligence background checks, court records research, business intelligence, investigative discovery, surveillance, material testing, first article inspections, and more. This unit is concerned with helping customers make informed decisions, and being prepared for an unplanned, undesirable incident.
Most active customers
Highest volume service used
think “gain control”

Aeroshield USA Practice
Our Incident Response Unit "IR” get involved when an incident occurs and poses a risk to your human and/or financial safety. This could include armed security, identifying and locating witnesses, witness statements and interviews, surveillance, undercover operations, social media monitoring, cyberspace research, in-depth background investigations, corrective actions, account monitoring, and more.
Most active customers
Highest volume service used
think “verification”

Aeroshield USA Practice
You have mitigated risk with contractual agreements, you have Aeroshield ready to take action and gain control of an incident, but what can you do in-between? Monitoring your risk mitigation measures is critical to ensure their effectiveness. Monitoring of performance, contractual compliance, and for potential threats to your human and financial security.
Most active customers
Highest volume service used