Aeroshield’s investigation division specializes in helping corporations, law firms, insurance companies, private institutions, and private individuals gain control over matters that pose a risk to their legal, professional, personal, and financial interests. Aeroshield uses a triangular approach of intelligence, technology, and boots-on-the-ground investigations to discover favorable evidence and deliver unparalleled success. Our core strengths include locating hidden assets and bank accounts, cybercrime investigations, fraud, theft, social media investigations, surveillance, undercover assignments, and profiling.
Litigation Support
Successful litigation depends on building a case file of critical information that often requires tedious, in-depth investigations. Our litigation support team, many of whom have law degrees themselves, understands the needs of legal counsel. We provide a wide range of reliable, confidential litigation support services including locating material witnesses, obtaining witness statements, investigating adverse witnesses, and pre and post-judgment asset tracing. Our investigators are schooled in litigation support techniques, and to provide credible, expert testimony when called before the court. Our team includes experts who have experience with oral and written testimony in a broad variety of disputes, claims and investigations.

We assist law firms, in-house counsel, arbitrators, and mediators in the development and collection of supporting evidence through investigation, public records research and retrieval, surveillance, analysis of evidence, photography/diagramming, and witness interviews. Our analysis of evidence includes but is not limited to forensic accounting, forensic science laboratory services, and forensic computer services.

Aeroshield’s vast information gathering capabilities can help businesses and legal strategists decide whether to sue, go to trial, employ an alternative dispute resolution and whether or not to negotiate a settlement.

Aeroshield requires that every investigative act be performed legally and ethically. Our investigators are trained to be vigilant concerning the following key factors: expectation of privacy, eavesdropping and trespass issues; false personification; false imprisonment; types and standards of evidence; and union issues.

“The nation’s first and only AS certified intelligence and investigations firm”
Personnel Investigations
Organizations and their counsel rely on Aeroshield because of our ability to quickly and efficiently find answers to questions surrounding critical incidents. Using our analytical and investigative skills, our team of experts can expeditiously develop an investigative strategy and tactical plan, designed to identify sources and methods of wrongdoing. Aeroshield’s experts operate swiftly and effectively to uncover facts, recover losses, mitigate risk and protect the company’s reputation.

Aeroshield’s global investigative teams are comprised of former corporate security and law enforcement professionals, forensic accountants, cyber security investigators, computer forensic specialists and intelligence analysts, among others. Aeroshield’s personnel investigations are led by senior professionals with extensive experience managing complex, interdisciplinary investigations to assure the identification and reporting of all relevant facts in a lawful, ethical and independent manner.
Personnel Interviews
In cases involving allegations with no witnesses, getting to the truth can be difficult and challenging. Aeroshield’s expert interviewers are masters of non-confrontational interview techniques which can reveal attempts at deception and lack of integrity. This approach can greatly increase the chances of obtaining a confession and identify when an interviewee is being less than truthful.
Practice Areas include
Professionally run, well-defined investigations can expose fraud, uncover loss, and identify suspects; and protect a company's reputation in the marketplace. A company's brand can be damaged irreparably without a timely, responsible investigation. Let Aeroshield help you protect your company's financial position, operations, and reputation.
Additional Support Services
Private Investigation Services
Whether you need a private investigator or armed personal protection, Aeroshield can provide you with the services you need with the world-class customer service you deserve. Aeroshield stands ready to serve and protect your interests including your personal well-being, friends and family, and your assets.

Private Investigation Matters

Aeroshield accepts cases in the following disciplines: (Illinois Only)
Private Protection Services (Illinois Only)
Aeroshield Protective Service Agents are highly trained and experienced security professionals, who come from specialized Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Contractor backgrounds. They are best suited for sensitive and critically important missions, such as:
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