Intelligence is the core of any business and Aeroshield’s greatest strength. Too often is information misinterpreted as intelligence. Intelligence is the understanding of how to plan, monitor, and measure the use of information that is collected through research, investigations, inspection, test, and verifications. If you are happy with your current investigation or security protocol, then simply use Aeroshield to help improve efficiencies with a higher level of intel.
Intelligence Solutions
Businesses have encountered growing numbers of disgruntled employees, vengeful ex-employees and ruthless competitors and distributors. These factors have resulted in a growing need for corporate intelligence and investigations. Aeroshield determines the source and extent of the problem, develops information about the parties responsible, minimizes damage to the client and identifies effective measures to prevent further losses.

Aeroshield's investigations team is comprised of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including law, law enforcement, intelligence, accounting, technology and Fortune 100 corporate security practitioners. Working closely and confidentially with management and/or legal counsel, our investigators help to devise a strategy to address such problems as theft of trade secrets, threats and hostile acts, product diversion, grey market and counterfeit products, patent and trademark infringements, workplace threats and violence, and other sensitive employee issues.

“The nation’s first and only AS certified intelligence and investigation firm”
Practice Areas Include
International Intelligence and Investigations
Aeroshield's international intelligence and investigation capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. With a reputation for thoroughness and discretion, Aeroshield provides intelligence and investigation services that protects business ventures, minimizes financial losses, increases profits, preserves proprietary data and corporate reputations, and produces successful outcomes in litigation and criminal proceedings. Aeroshield's intelligence services provide reliable insight into the financial stability, capabilities and public reputation of competitors and potential business partners. We provide sophisticated investigations into intellectual property matters, intelligence on companies and individuals, reporting on their history, creditworthiness, reputation, ownership and corporate structure, and the industries and countries in which they operate.

Aeroshield’s clients benefit from a global network of skilled and experienced foreign investigators. Our international team employs the use of undercover surveillance, counter-surveillance, covert intelligence collection and other investigative practices and risk mitigation programs to provide customers like you with the intelligence needed to help mitigate issues no matter where in the world they are located.

In addition, we routinely dispatch our international personnel to travel overseas to conduct in-country investigations on our clients’ most sensitive and complex cases. This results in a more efficient, cost-effective way to fully investigate sensitive matters.

Our experienced staff can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to resolve all your foreign matters.
Cross-Border Mexico Investigations
As U.S. and global organizations expand commerce and trade with Mexico, they increase their risk of exposure to cross-border fraud, corruption, misconduct, and illegal trafficking. The impact of these risks can lead to substantial lost revenue and property, damage to the organization’s reputation and investor confidence, and substantial government fines and enforcement actions.

Given the enormous variance in, and even conflict between national and local laws that drive investigations in a global environment, conducting such complex investigative inquiries presents serious obstacles for the multinational organization.

Cross-border international investigations must be prompt, confidential and well-organized. Achieving professional results is particularly challenging for a global organization, where the necessary information may be lodged in widely-varying records, documents, and data bases utilizing different languages. Witnesses may be scattered across multiple international jurisdictions, and driven by vastly different cultural norms, values, and expectations.

Aeroshield utilizes only experienced, culturally sensitive bi-lingual and/or dual-citizen international investigators from the United States. This eliminates the necessity of depending on local resources, thereby mitigating exposure to corruption and other factors which can compromise the integrity of an investigation. Whether an organization has facilities in border cities such as Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo, or simply imports product from Mexico via truck transport, Aeroshield can help mitigate the risks.
Legal Support
Successful litigation depends on building a case file of critical information that often requires tedious, in-depth investigations. Our legal support team, many of whom have law degrees themselves, understands the needs of legal counsel. We provide a wide range of reliable, confidential legal support services including locating material witnesses, obtaining witness statements, investigating adverse witnesses, and pre and post-judgment asset tracing. Our investigators are schooled in litigation support techniques, and are also trained to provide credible, expert testimony when called before the court.

We assist law firms, in-house counsel, arbitrators, and mediators in the development and collection of supporting evidence through investigation, public records research and retrieval, surveillance, analysis of evidence, photography/diagramming, and witness interviews. Our analysis of evidence includes but is not limited to forensic accounting service, forensic science laboratory services, and forensic computer services.

Aeroshield’s vast information gathering capabilities can help businesses and legal strategists decide whether to sue, go to trial, employ an alternative dispute resolution and whether or not to negotiate a settlement.

Aeroshield requires that every investigative act be performed legally and with the highest of ethics. Our investigators are trained to be vigilant concerning the following key factors: expectation of privacy, eavesdropping and trespass issues; Fair Credit Reporting Act; false personification; false imprisonment; types and standards of evidence; and union issues.
Insurance Claims Investigation
Aeroshield provides you with the specialized services you need to make informed claims decisions. We can provide your company with a comprehensive program that will lower your costs while greatly improving the efficiency of claims handling, or we can offer you an investigative package to help you validate claims and reduce claims exposure. Aeroshield supplies clients with consistent, reliable handling of requests and will help you take a proactive approach to risk management and claims mitigation.

Aeroshield begins every assignment by working with you to establish precise objectives so that we can tailor a complete and thorough case-specific investigation to meet your needs. Let us put our highly skilled investigators’ education, experience and reputation for producing results to work for your company.
Aeroshield's insurance claims investigations include
Surveillance Investigations
Whether it is insurance fraud, workers compensation claims, bodily injury, medical malpractice or employee theft, there is no better way to document the true facts than irrefutable video and photographic evidence.

Aeroshield provides exclusive surveillance investigations to our clients and develops customized programs and models to suit the individual needs of insurance carriers, TPA’s and self-insured corporations.

While we are first and foremost dedicated to our clients and the insured party, Aeroshield operates as a “disinterested third party”, never forming opinions or drawing conclusions. Our job is to obtain results by gathering unbiased, factual data in an efficient manner. We then relay the data to you, devoid of assumptions or opinions.
International Background Checks
Are you doing business with suppliers from China, Latin America, or another country? How well do you really know your foreign suppliers and business partners? You don't need to gamble with your company’s reputation and financial security while expanding your business into the global marketplace.

Conducting background checks on individuals and businesses that you plan on developing a relationship with, especially those from another country, will provide you with the insight necessary to make informed business decisions. Accurate and current information concerning lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcies, credit issues, criminal history records, and more will help you determine the financial risks you may be taking in doing business with foreign entities or individuals.

Aeroshield's expert staff has been protecting their customers’ global business interests for more than 25 years. Our extensive network of relationships with embassy personnel, law enforcement agencies and other government figures, combined with our expertise in the nuances of partnering with international resources has positioned our organization as the world’s only AS Certified international intelligence agency.

As part of our corporate solutions strategy, Aeroshield conducts background checks to support various business objectives In-progress and completed background checks are available online via our secured website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aeroshield can also help you periodically audit your background check provider to ensure accuracy, quality and consistency of work product. DOT, FAA and FINRA compliance services available.
Physical Penetration Testing
Organizations typically prioritize network security, and spend large amounts of capital verifying their external network presence is secure. Companies spend millions on the best firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and software that scans messages for viruses. While network security controls are important, if an attacker can walk into a building and steal sensitive data from an unlocked terminal, or worse yet, lift your hardware right out the door- then these controls are essentially ineffective.

The primary objective for a physical penetration test is to measure the strength of existing physical security controls and uncover their weaknesses before attackers are able to discover and exploit them. Physical penetration testing will uncover real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or outside threats to be able to compromise physical barriers (ie: locks, sensors, cameras) in a way that allows for unauthorized physical access to sensitive areas leading to data breaches and system/network compromise.

Penetration Tests may include lock picking doors, hopping fences, piggy backing, bypassing physical access controls, or social engineering. It is a non-invasive, comprehensive assessment of physical security controls in place at a facility or location. Depending on client objectives we may employ various physical penetration testing techniques: Physical Security breaches can have the same impact as computer network breaches. As a result, Physical Security Attack & Penetration Tests should be conducted on high value and sensitive facilities and locations annually.

“The nation’s first and only AS certified intelligence and investigations firm”
Security Consulting Solutions
The key to effectively protecting and growing returns for an organization's shareholders is to identify and manage the risks that could prevent the achievement of business objectives. Proactively addressing potential areas of risk is crucial for an effective security program. Our consultants will undertake a comprehensive and independent review of your security policies, structures and processes to ensure they are effective.

These are just some of the key deliverables from Aeroshield's security consulting: Security consulting deliverables generally include a review of: Our highly experienced consultants conduct all assessments by working with your company's key leadership to compare your firm's current practices with the best practices in security management systems, human resources, physical security, workplace procedures and crisis management plans.

Some of our most frequently requested security consulting services include:
Security Vulnerability Assessments
A Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) will essentially provide your company with a roadmap to implement a successful security program. The assessment is based on the interrelationship of three key factors: personnel, procedural and physical security measures.

An SVA is ideal for organizations with decentralized, fragmented or multi-site security infrastructure. This report defines the structure of risk control, including a definition of recommended strategies, tactics and processes to safeguard the organization.
Security Infrastructure Assessments
In most organizations, risk management and internal control activities are numerous and fragmented. This lack of alignment and coordination can result in overlaps or gaps in risk mitigation coverage. Through our security infrastructure assessment, Aeroshield can help companies identify and understand the misalignments, challenges, and improvement opportunities in their risk and security frameworks. We conduct gap analysis using industry standards and best practices as the foundation to provide a clear definition of focus areas and efforts that help management drive incremental improvements that mitigate risk and enhance overall performance.

This service is ideal for organizations with existing programs in place that require validation of current processes. It also applies to companies that require integration as a result of a merger. This process establishes any leaks through a gap analysis and recommends solutions for greater efficiency based on industry standards, compliance drivers and best practices.
Facility Assessments and Audits
Each facility has unique risks based on the nature of the business being conducted and its location. Understanding your facility's exposure is the first step in mitigating loss. A facility risk assessment evaluates existing security and safety measures and identifies security hazards, threats and vulnerabilities. Observations are presented to explain relevance, and countermeasures are suggested for the protection of business processes, employees, visitors, company assets and the general public.

This service is ideal for organizations looking to identify physical security vulnerabilities at its facilities, whether at a new or existing location. It also applies to a company that needs to audit a facility and compare against existing standards or a company who needs an assessment of the facility to determine the risks in order to create new standards. An Aeroshield consultant will create the actual standards.
International Project Security Planning
Aeroshield can undertake a complete review of the security measures required to manage international projects. This includes local risk assessment, expatriate residential security plans, local security staff training and coordination and comprehensive site security plans.
International Project Security Management
Aeroshield can manage all aspects of security for international projects. This includes liaison with government agencies and local stakeholders, oversight of local security staff and executive protection teams, management of all travel security for key staff and, in the event of a security incident, implementation of contingency plans and assistance where necessary.
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