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Aeroshield is a leader in the public records research industry, providing solutions for court records research, state filings, mining for adverse social media postings, covert phone investigations, and more. Aeroshield solutions produce efficiencies while saving time and money. Our AS9100 certified management system makes us the perfect choice for the aerospace manufacturing industry.

Customized Research Services to Meet Your Needs
Whether you are a small business or operating an international scale, Aeroshield can engineer custom service solutions that meet your needs. For large volume clients such as credit reporting agencies, Aeroshield offers both integrated solutions and manual order pick up from your system and report entry directly into your online portal. For smaller volume clients such as law firms and property managers, Aeroshield can securely deliver reports via email, in-person delivery, or you can pick up your reports online 24/7 via our secured online platform. We do what is easy for you.

Research is What We Do
Aeroshield’s PRR practice areas include:
Peace of Mind

Aeroshield is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 quality system standards, professionally licensed for both Security & Investigations, and has received supplier of the year awards from two of our top 5 customers in the past two years.

Aeroshield believes in dedicated customer service, a personal connection within our organization that you can count on. Each of our clients are assigned an Account Rep who is available to take your calls, field your questions, and get you answers.

Aeroshield delivers results as promised and on-time. Our wholesale division cranks out more than 30,000 court searches per month, our security team fields thousands of hours, and our investigation/audit team average more than 10 new cases per day. We boast more than 99% satisfactory rate, that is not just good, it is astonishing.
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