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Conducting workplace investigations carries inherent risks for any organization. AeroShieldUSA will promptly and discreetly respond to your most challenging issues, ensuring swift resolution and positioning you effectively for the future.

Professional, Third-Party Investigation: Your Ultimate Protection

AeroShieldUSA offers professional third-party investigations on a national and international scale for Corporate 500 Companies, law firms, and small businesses.

Regardless of organization size, employers may face allegations of employee misconduct, embezzlement, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, discrimination, bullying, retaliation, substance abuse, social media and company policy violations.

Initial information provided to employers is often inaccurate. Our professional experience reveals that initial information is frequently either exaggerated or downplayed, intentionally or unintentionally. Making a hasty judgment before conducting an objective and thorough investigation based on facts rather than speculation can lead to legal repercussions such as wrongful discharge, retaliation, defamation of character, harassment, breach of employment contract, and discrimination.

The key to conducting such investigations lies in demonstrating and documenting a commitment to taking allegations seriously through prompt, fair, thorough, and objective independent investigations.

AeroShieldUSA prioritizes respect for all parties involved in an investigation, treating them equally whether they are employees of interest, witnesses, or co-workers.

Our goal at AeroShieldUSA is to furnish you with sufficient documented evidence to make sound business decisions and take appropriate corrective actions when necessary, thereby minimizing potential liability.

While a company may have a robust internal investigative unit and HR department, conflicts of interest may arise depending on relationships and positions involved. AeroShieldUSA offers unbiased, independent investigations.

Furthermore, AeroShieldUSA can provide consulting recommendations if desired to navigate through the most sensitive and delicate allegations.


What Type of Corporate Investigation Do You Require?

AeroShieldUSA is your trusted partner in safeguarding your company, offering a comprehensive array of corporate investigations.

Workplace Violence Investigations

Instances of harassment, intimidation, coercion, threats, violence, or weapons in the workplace can lead to reduced employee performance.


Fraud Workplace Theft Investigations

Fraudulent activities in the workplace can manifest in various forms, resulting in economic losses that can be crippling to a company.


Sexual, Racial, Age, or Other Harassment Investigations

Prompt and effective remedial action by the employer often necessitates a thorough investigation of harassment allegations.


Substance Abuse Investigations

Substance abuse among employees can lead to absenteeism, decreased productivity, increased insurance costs, liability expenses, accidents, injuries, and fatalities.


Strike Planning, Management, Resolution, and Labor Disputes

AeroShieldUSA assists businesses in devising and executing strike plans to ensure ongoing productivity amidst labor disputes.


Undercover Workplace Investigations

Our team can deploy covert operatives into the workplace to gather evidence of suspected misconduct, negligence, or other threats to your business.


Intellectual Property Investigations

Given the accessibility of information through electronic means, specialized skills are required to investigate improper use, conveyance, counterfeiting, or other forms of intellectual property fraud.


Other Corporate Investigations

Our services encompass expert witness testimony, competitive intelligence, protection against corporate espionage, non-compete agreement violations, background screenings, vulnerability assessments, security surveys.



Discover how AeroShieldUSA’s third-party investigation services provide a competitive advantage in workplace investigations.

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