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AeroShieldUSA’s Facts to Act™ Background Investigation: Thorough, transparent, actionable, affordable. Gain the ultimate advantage with investigative information.

6 Key Attributes of a Top-notch Background Investigation

The disparity between a standard online background check and AeroShieldUSA's comprehensive, high-quality, truly usable background investigation is profound. For decisions or actions of paramount importance, ensure your background investigation meets high standards.


Utilizing original source documents, reputable databases, and real-time social media channels, AeroShieldUSA reports are trustworthy representations.


Drawing from decades of customer feedback, AeroShieldUSA refines its work into a concise and comprehensive narrative of the subject’s background.


By meticulously analyzing and organizing results, AeroShieldUSA ensures you won’t waste time sifting through irrelevant details.

Process for Success

Before proceeding, we thoroughly understand your objectives. You’ll never receive, nor be charged for, output that doesn’t align with your goals.


Relevant points are clearly articulated and backed by necessary details and documentation, facilitating swift and confident decision-making.

A Superior Report

Like the clarity of daylight, our reports are illuminating and leave no room for error. They serve as permanent records, crucial for life-altering decisions, demanding total accuracy and attention to detail.

What Type of Background Investigation Do You Require?

As a comprehensive investigation and risk management firm committed to high standards, AeroShieldUSA is dedicated to offering only the most legally available and comprehensive intelligence resources in the market. Here are some of the common background investigations that assist our clients:

Gain insight into the individual you're considering hiring. The costs associated with hiring, training, and termination due to a poor hire can be substantial. Yet, inexpensive, cursory background checks often fail to uncover misrepresentations and nondisclosures that could lead to a bad hire. AeroShieldUSA provides a high-quality, cost-effective alternative.
Making significant investment decisions? Ensure your intuition is backed by concrete facts. AeroShieldUSA delves into financial stability, litigation histories, assets, and backgrounds to uncover crucial information about executives or companies that may not be revealed by low-cost internet background checks.
A thorough civil or criminal background investigation by AeroShieldUSA unveils information beyond what simple pass-fail internet scans designed for entry-level positions can provide. Our investigations encompass public access records in criminal matters and crucial findings in civil matters, such as protection-from-abuse orders, liens, and lawsuits filed for or against the subject and business partners.
Struggling with uncollected judgments or hidden assets? AeroShieldUSA is here to assist. We specialize in unraveling complex asset recovery cases and have successfully recovered millions. Our expertise lies in locating hidden assets, significantly increasing the chances of successful recovery.
Rely on AeroShieldUSA's investigative prowess to assist you in locating individuals for estate matters, hospital or next-of-kin notifications. Additionally, we work with individuals seeking to reunite with lost family, relatives, or birth parents. AeroShieldUSA handles these sensitive matters with utmost care and discretion, always respecting the confidential nature of such investigations.
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