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Welcome to Aeroshield, one of the only AS9100D certified security, intelligence, and investigative agencies in the United States. When you need to make informed decisions, build a case strategy, and protect your interests, there is no better solution than Aeroshield. Aeroshield’s practice areas include armed security, court & public records research, concealed information research, corporate investigations, and private investigations.
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Armed Security & Protection
Aeroshield employs United States veterans, off-duty and retired law enforcement, and career security officers to provide armed protection for our international clientele, personal and business. As a licensed security contractor, Aeroshield can provide uniformed security guards, plain clothed protection agents, marked and unmarked patrol officers, and security transportation (personal armed driver). Our practice areas include private schools, houses of worship, aerospace manufacturers, corporate events, executive protection, personnel threat, anti-terrorism, and private events.

Top 3 industries we service as of 2020:
Aerospace manufacturers; private schools/houses of worship; and professional sports

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Court & Public Records Research
Aeroshield has an established network of paralegals and court runners to search court records, recorded filings, and other public data from county clerks, county recorders, state repositories, and federal district courts throughout the United States. Clerk searches include county criminal and civil suits. Recorded document searches include judgments, tax liens, UCC filings, and real estate filings. State repositories include criminal records, liens, UCC filings, corporate filings, professional licensing, and enforcement actions. Federal district court searches include bankruptcy, appeals, criminal records, and litigation filings.

Top 3 industries we service as of 2020:
Background screening companies; law firms; other credit reporting agencies

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Concealed Information Research
Aeroshield has an established network of intelligence officers to covertly search and monitor public records including social media posts, foreign publications, and international resources. Our intelligence team can find hidden assets and bank accounts, uncover concealed personal and business relationships, determine alias names, and email addresses, and recover deleted/destroyed information, data, and evidence. Is this legal? Yes. Aeroshield uses legal investigative practices to obtain information that is otherwise public or legally accessible if not intentionally concealed.

Top 3 industries we service as of 2020:
Detective agencies; law firms; and private consumers

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Corporate Investigations
Aeroshield’s practice areas include personnel investigations for theft of intellectual property, breach of non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, and fraudulent injury claims. Aeroshield can investigate matters using techniques including data recovery, surveillance, and undercover investigations. Many clients opt to use our professional FCRA screening solution to minimize the risk of personnel threats and as an added value, increase employee retention.

Top 3 industries we service as of 2020:
Aerospace manufacturers; private schools; and professional sports

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Private Investigations
Aeroshield’s practice areas include divorce, child custody, infidelity, harassment/stalking cases, hackers, extortion, and wrongful conviction cases. Aeroshield uses background checks, statements, interviews, social media research, video surveillance, and more to develop information to help build your case. Aeroshield can locate witnesses, hidden assets and bank accounts, deleted computer files, and other concealed information that can support your claims or defense. Even more important, if your life is at risk while we are conducting the investigation, we can provide armed protection 24/7.

Top 3 services we provided as of 2020:
Hidden assets and bank accounts; background checks; and social media surveillance

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Peace of Mind

Aeroshield is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 quality system standards, professionally licensed for both Security & Investigations, and has received supplier of the year awards from two of our top 5 customers in the past two years.

Aeroshield believes in dedicated customer service, a personal connection within our organization that you can count on. Each of our clients are assigned an Account Rep who is available to take your calls, field your questions, and get you answers.

Aeroshield delivers results as promised and on-time. Our wholesale division cranks out more than 30,000 court searches per month, our security team fields thousands of hours, and our investigation/audit team average more than 10 new cases per day. We boast more than 99% satisfactory rate, that is not just good, it is astonishing.
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