United States Manufacturer Risk Management Support Services

Aeroshield is working closely with U.S. manufacturers in a variety of industries to expand the nation’s production of essential, aerospace, and military supplies. As an ISO9001/AS9100D certified security and investigation firm, Aeroshield provides tactical and strategic support for the following areas: physical & cyber security, personnel due diligence, corporate investigations, litigation support, and supplier site inspections and quality system audits.
Aeroshield USA
Mission Statement
Aeroshield’s mission is to preempt risks and further client objectives by securing assets and personnel, increasing employee retention, early detection of active threats to the company’s financial integrity and reputation, effective case management, and ensuring supplier compliance and integrity.
Aeroshield triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability
Confidentiality measures protect corporate intelligence from unauthorized access and misuse. Confidentiality measures are carried out by Aeroshield’s physical and cyber security programs. Integrity measures protect corporate intelligence and assets from unauthorized use, alterations, and control. Integrity measures are carried out by Aeroshield’s personnel due diligence and corporate investigation programs. Availability measures preserves corporate confidentiality and integrity. Availability measures are carried out by Aeroshield’s litigation support and supplier quality inspections and audit programs
Aeroshield’s Security Network
Aeroshield has an established network of United States veterans, off-duty police personnel, retired law enforcement and military police, career security guards, loss prevention experts, and cyberspace engineers. Our security officers are not 1099 contractors or subcontractors, but employees of Aeroshield. You can rest assured that our officers are well-trained, held accountable for their performance, and well taken care of to ensure they are dedicated to your protection.
Aeroshield’s Intelligence Network
Aeroshield has an established global network of information sources such as court record researchers, licensed investigators, and cyberspace engineers. Through this network, Aeroshield obtains reliable and accurate information to achieve our mission to preserve your assets, confidentiality, and integrity. Aeroshield uses boots-on-the-ground methodology to obtain information because you are making informed business decisions and need intelligence that you can depend on.
Aeroshield’s Quality Support Team
Aeroshield employs QARs to support our clients’ quality objectives. Our clients mostly use Aeroshield to assist with Supplier Site Inspections and Quality System Audits; however, we also assist with third-party internal audits, quality management for compliance with Department of Defense contracts, and third-party procurement (warehousing/Kanban).
Peace of Mind

Aeroshield is certified to ISO9001 and AS9100 quality system standards, professionally licensed for both Security & Investigations, and has received supplier of the year awards from two of our top 5 customers in the past two years.

Aeroshield believes in dedicated customer service, a personal connection within our organization that you can count on. Each of our clients are assigned an Account Rep who is available to take your calls, field your questions, and get you answers.

Aeroshield delivers results as promised and on-time. Our wholesale division cranks out more than 30,000 court searches per month, our security team fields thousands of hours, and our investigation/audit team average more than 10 new cases per day. We boast more than 99% satisfactory rate, that is not just good, it is astonishing.
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